For starters if you don’t know what Adventure Time is by now..not cool. For the rest that do your all mathematical and are deemed worthy to lay eyes upon this post for you have passed the test. Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon because I Don’t Know is a dungeon crawler for all systems and supports up to 4 players. My review will be from a 360 standpoint.

Upon purchase of this game I quickly realized that this game does not support online co-op. In this age that is a rare so i proceeded to do what anybody would do…take it to my friends house (Actually I took it home first and tried to solo it but it wasn’t much fun). Upon arriving at friends house and gathered the players deemed worthy taking up this quest we proceeded to Explore the Dungeon because We Don’t Know ( We do know but I’m not telling PB would be mad). The game is crafted with a mix of 16-bit and HD graphics and it is wonderfully blended together and has the regular voice actors too. Each character is different of course each with their own special move that you can activate by using your imagination. After choosing our characters Finn, Jake, Marceline, and Cinnamon Bun it was ADVENTURE TIME!

The game is pretty straight-forward as far as dungeon crawlers go, you go through each level looking for the stairs to take you down to the next floor. The game play mechanics are very simple so it is was easy to pick up and play. The fun kicks in as soon as you start playing. Everybody was running around each level defeating monsters and trying to be the first to get the many treasures throughout the levels. The more treasure you got the more money you had to spend to upgrade your characters at each checkpoint. It became competitive quickly because there is always that one players that wants to be THAT guy. So after diving ten levels deep we had the pleasure of kicking the 1st bosses butt.  Needless to say he wasn’t ready for that.

I believe the purpose of this game is to bring people together like in the 80s and 90s to have a good time enjoying each others company. If you have kids it helps get them to experience what it was like when we played games as kids. But tell them to bring their own controller because ain’t no kid about to break my controller. Its not my fault if he gets upset that my kid is getting all the treasure first. On side note I don’t have any kids, I’m just sayin’ haha. Overall this is a great game to play with your friends around in the same room like old times.  When I get around to beating it I’ll further update my review.

By: J.T. Dogzone