Warhammer Hobby Update

Hello Everyone,

I have to apologize for my long absence from the ATG page, as can happen real life has been piling it on me. Today, switching things up a bit, I will be showing you what I have been working on for my other hobby, Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

For those of you who don’t know, Warhammer is a miniatures game, in which you command your army against opposing player’s forces, on a table top.

A major aspect of this hobby is hand painting the figures which make up your force. All figures come in kits, which  are in pieces. These pieces  must be then glued together, primed, and painted.

Unpainted models look like the bare materials they are made of, as shown by this Vampire Counts Blood Knight. 43903-finecast


These Figures are quite small. The average sized model is about and inch and a half. This photo gives a great idea the size of the models, in comparison to a human hand. $T2eC16N,!)cE9s4PsS5RBRf+mhBm8g~~60_12


Anyway, my current project is my Bretonnian Army. A army made up of gallant knights, and my favorite, downtrodden peasants. After many hours of work I have finished a regiment of 50 Men at Arms. I have included many small tweaks to the actual kit, called conversions. So for example all the small animals, the fences, wheels, and bricks are my own touch. Here are some pics of them.

Men at Arms


It was my goal to insert many interesting touches to this regiment. Perhaps one of my favorite things is all the small animals that are on the bases of the models.


I also scratch built the wagon in the center from pieces of other kits. I thought this made the regiment look cooler, as it gives something to really catch the eye.


I have tried to give many of the figures some real character, one of my favorites is this guy

. P1050500

Finally to lend the unit some varying height I put some objects one might find strewn about a battle field under some of the models’ feet.


This kit had several cool features one of which were little birds which the Men at Arms had collected, most likely for a quick battle field snack.


Finally, even though I didn’t recently finish this model, here is a picture of one of my knights, so you can see the contrast between his clean look and the dirtiness of the peasants.


Well I hope you have enjoyed your brief foray into Warhammer. If you liked this article, and would like further pictures of what I have painted, or perhaps other Warhammer articles please send me feedback on the Around the Geek facebook group or twitter page @ATGpodcast, or at my personal twitter account @jake_hutton.