Unplugged GT: Round 1

Hi all you avid Around the Geek Fans!

Today I am bringing you a report of my first round at the Unplugged Gt. Before I suppose I should detail my army:

Bretonnian Lord w. barded Bretonnian Warhorse, Virtue of Heroism, Armor of Agilulf, Sword of Swift Slaying 221

Prophetess of the Lady w. lvl4 (Heavens), Prayer Icon 250

Damsel of the Lady w. Lvl2 (Beast), Dispel Scroll, Bretonnian Warhorse 140

Paladin w. Lance, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Gromril Great Helm, Sword of Might, barded Bretonnian Warhorse 130

Paladin w. Questing Vow, Shield, Great Weapon, barded Bretonnian Warhorse, Virtue of Knightly Temper, Dragon Helm 138

10 Peasant Bowmen w. Braziers 65
10 Peasant Bowmen w. Braziers 65
50 Men at Arms w. Full Command, Halberds 277
6 Knights of the Realm w. Full Command 168
8 Knights Errant w. Full Command 181
8 Knights Errant w. Full Command 181
8 Knights Errant w. Full Command, Errantry Banner 201
5 Knights Errant w. Musician, Champion 107
5 Knights Errant w. Musician, Champion 107

5 Mounted Yeomen w. Musician, Shield 87
Trebuchet 90
Trebuchet 90

My first round opponent was Evan Moyer, playing his all goblin, orc and goblin army. Evan’s list revolved around 2 spear chukkas, 1 doom diver, and 1 rock lobba, 3 river trolls, a big unit of 61 night goblins, which also had several night goblin characters, a smaller mob of 40 or so night goblins several spider rider and wolf rider mobs, a few fanatics, and a giant (which was an awesome forge world giant model). His BsB was on a giant spider, and had the spider banner.

Looking at the list I couldn’t help but feel it was a good match up for me. There was not a lot that could deal with my knights, and the BsB on the giant spider was pretty vulnerable.

For this battle Evan and I decided to use the optional terrain rules on the table, which meant the forest in his deployment zone gave units fear, and on my side was a nasty swamp, which killed D6 models in every unit in it at the end of the movement phase!

Once deployment was over Evan’s goblin mobs were 12″ forward roughly in the center of his deployment zone. His smaller goblin unit was to my left at the side of the bigger unit. His warmachines were deployed behind the massive goblin block, his giant on my right flank and all his spider mobs and wolf boys on my left.

On my right flank I had deployed both my 10 man bowmen units, both 5 man knight errant units, and the 6 man knight of the realm. The trebs were split one on either flank, all three of my knight buses were concentrated on the left flank, along with a combat character in each and men at arms. My battle plan was to kill the BsB as fast as possible, and hope panic would do the rest, LD7 is not great even with rerolls, without its abysmal.

During the vanguard phase Evan showed me just how maneuverable his army was pushing 4 separate units up the gut and into my face. To my amazement this included his BsB. On the left my trebuchet and mounted Yeomen were being threatened; however, Evan’s fear of the trebuchet had left his valuable BsB potentially open.

Turns 1:
Both our first turns were pretty uneventful, with some maneuvering on both sides. Some wild spider riders on the right flank failed animosity and charged into my knights errant, which during my turn received support from more knights breaking the unit.

Amazing during my shooting peasant bowmen managed to deal one wound to the giant menacing the right flank. Go peasants!

Turn 2:
Going for a average charge one of my lances rammed home into Evan’s lone wolf chariot, releasing fanatics from the nearby night goblin units. Amazingly my unit managed to survive, losing only 2 knights!

Even more importantly, another knight lance managed to slam into the flank of Evan’s BsB unit, taking a risk moving into the horrid swamp, but being rewarded for their bravery losing only 1 model, whew!

During combat Evans 2 spider riders were unsurprisingly beaten by my knights errant and paladin, breaking the unit and killing the BsB, panicking the nearby wolf riders. Further up the goblin wolf chariot was slain, and my knights errant unit with the BSB was starring down a ton of angry goblins. Luckily for me my lord’s unit was close by about to lend support.

Turn 3:
Evan, elects not to charge my knight unit, hoping magic and warmachines will be enough. His warmachines absolutely batter my BsB’s knight errant unit leaving only the champion and BsB.

Evan’s giant, who had taken yet another wound from bow fire, was quite close to bowmen and knights on the right side.

During my turn I charged my lone BsB out against Evan’s spear chukka, and slammed my general’s unharmed knight unit into the smaller goblin blocks. Counting fortitude I realized if I broke this goblin unit I would receive bonus victory points for the objective. The lone champion; however, decided that running and hiding behind one of the large boulders on the map was the best options (preserving his unit’s points).

My BsB easily slaughtered the poor goblin crew and reformed facing down more warmachines. Meanwhile the general and his unit, along with a useful wildform ran down the goblins breaking them, despite their steadfast (LD6 is not great). During my magic phase I had Iceshard Blizzarded Evan’s massive goblin unit, who then failed their panic check, after the spear chukka’s death, and began to run from me.

On the right flank my knights of the realm and errant charged into the giant. This was a match-up I was unsure of, but I honestly love seeing giant’s and combat and figured what the hell. Surprising both myself and Evan my knights did great killing the giant and losing only 1 knight of the realm in return (thank god for the Lady’s Blessing rule).

Dying in a spectacular manner, the giant then fell on both knight units. Evan told me he did not have a giant template; however, seeing as how it was a massive forgeworld giant I told him clearly the giant had fallen on all 9 knights in combat. After both Evan’s to wound roll, and my save rolls, the giant had killed 3 more knights from his bulk collapsing on them. Not quite a death worthy of the Lady’s Chosen, but oh well it was pretty funny!

Turn 4-5:
Looking at the board if I could score the goblin unit I would probably score max points; however, the terrified creatures continued to run, and thanks to some rather lucky unit placement on my part in the following turn had no where to land and ran off the board. With this the round ended with me taking a max pointed win 24-0.

Evan was a great opponent and took his lose well. Afterwards we chatted about various things and I gave him a few points for future rounds, such as keeping his BsB back with his units. Overall magic was pretty minimal for both sides. Evan attempted Curse of the Bad Moon twice, but then I killed his wizard, after which most of his spells were nonthreatening. For my part, though I did have some handy spells, such as the nice iceshard blizzard, my magic’s impact was minimal.