Unplugged Grand Tournament: Overview


Hey Around the Geek Fans!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Unplugged Grand Tournament in Hartford, Connecticut. The event was a Warhammer Fantasy tournament hosted and run by the awesome Unplugged Gamers club.

The Unplugged GT was a 2 day Warhammer Tournament where 68 gamers competed and played against each other in 5 one on one battles. Players competed for various prizes including, painting awards, best player for each army, best sportsman, best general, and best overall (a compilation of all the other things).

I went to this same event last year and had a blast, so I had high hopes for the weekend, and was not disappointed. From the amazing tables, which had terrain of the highest quality, the friendly and organized staff, the awesome hotel, and the great opponents this was an amazing event.

The best part of an event like this are the people. Gamers, and wargamers especially, are a social group. Even though I was the only player from the Baltimore area I never felt isolated or alone. I was continually chatting to people I had met from last year’s event, the tournament organizers, and to my opponents during games. The  social atmosphere of the event was a blast.

Another major component of the event was the visual pageantry, that a premier event such as the Unpluged GT, brought out. Walking through the gaming hall it was impossible not to be blown away and inspired by the amazing paint jobs and displays many of my fellow gamers had brought.

One of my favorite armies was by Mike DiCiccio, which was a great looking Warriors of Chaos army. The display, color choice, and subtle conversions made the army unique and eye catching.

P1050693 P1050694 P1050695 P1050696

For more pictures from the weekend head over to http://www.unpluggedgamers.com/ where the organizers took a ton of pics (which are better quality then my own).

A unique trait of this event was that the paint judges upon request would give in depth face to face feedback on your army. This was an part of the event I had especially looked forward to. Though half my army was borrowed, I gained great tips on what to improve and change on the completed elements of my army feeling happy with the improvements I had made from my past army. I also left excited to step improve my army even more. A big thanks to paint judges Jeff, Greg, and Mike for great feedback and to Peyton who also popped in to give some advice.

By the end of the weekend I had won one game and lost four; however, despite my poor performance I did receive several awards including Best Bretonnian General (I was the only one), 3rd Favorite Opponent ( for being a fun opponent to play), one raffle prize, and a little goblin painted by Greg Person, one of the organizers, for being most in spirit during the Triumph and Treachery mini game Saturday night (I betrayed a guy for his gold).

10403619_10152242165047982_3638813067756669966_n 10403461_10152242165172982_8167333926113181877_n 10440811_10152242165122982_8718568923740624486_n

I had an amazing weekend, and would suggest giving larger tournaments, such as this, a try to any gamer. It is a great way to meet more people, play different style armies, and see some amazing models.  The event has super charged my desire to hobby, and has me inspired to really push myself to further improve my painting ability.

In later articles, I will cover in further depth my own personal games over the weekend. Until then a big thanks to the organizers and my opponents Evan Moyer, Omar Martinez, John Chastenay, George Torres, and Jeremy G. for a great weekend of gaming.