The Walking Dead Returns With Season 2



Previously on The Walking Dead, Clementine escapes with her life as Lee lies dead, chained up to protect her as he got bit and became zombified. While all this is happening Wyatt, Vince, Russell, Bonnie, and Shel have been having their own survival issues during the zombie outbreak. Ranging from prison escapee’s to a young lad trying to make his way home. No one is safe in this new world……And now we return to The Walking Dead Season 2.

This game picks up immediately after Season 1 ended but this time your in control of Clementine a young girl that is trying to survive. Telltale wastes no time in reminding you that this is The Walking Dead and the world is we once knew is gone.  Alas I am not allowed to further give anymore information about the story due to the Managers of Around the Geek preventing me (the Jerks…Jk i like this job) so I will be vague as possible.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead starts off with a nice BANG! The action and the story draws you in as you try and help Clementine survive in this world with the knowledge she acquired from Lee in Season 1.  I normally play straight through each episode in one sitting because I have a hard time putting it down. Decisions that have to be made, moral choices, and bandages. We all know someone is gonna get hurt, it happens in every episode. I dare someone prove me wrong. Unlike playing Lee, Clem is much younger and has to be much more careful in placing trust in others and vice-verse for obvious reasons of course. For example, Clem gets bite mark on her arm and is searching for medical help. Now imagine a young girl in the woods, alone,  asking you for medical attention and you notice a bite mark on her arm. What would you do? What would your thought process be? Would you believe her if she said it wasn’t from a walker? The game play takes a dramatic shift when your a young girl and not a grown man and that is what makes this better than Season 1.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead is a great game to play especially if your a Walking Dead fan. If not, play an episode at a friend’s house and see if it’s worth your time. If you haven’t played Season 1 or 400 days you will not be confused if you decided to start with Season 2 Episode 1. Season 1 Game of the Year is available for purchase,  it comes with all 5 episodes and is available on Mac/Pc, Ps3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Steam,  and the App store. The Walking Dead 400 Days is available for a separate purchase cost on all major systems.  Season 2 also offers a Season pass which offers all 5 episodes for a discounted price and allows you to immediately download them upon release (Check your local system for price details) Prices may vary. Remember the rules: Cardio, Double-Tap,  Limber Up, and last but not least Don’t be a Hero. The Walking Dead TV show returns Feb 9 at 9pm on AMC.