The Beginning of A Saga

Welcome back to Around The Geek avid readers. I know I have been absent for awhile but I have slightly medium sized question for you. Why do you play Videogames? Is it because of the story, or maybe you just like shooting people, or are you one of those avid trophy/achievement collectors? Though it is not a big question that many of us dwell on very long or might not even have had but it’s a question that I believe one should ask themselves. Personally my reason is because of the story and music. I have been an avid gamer for many years and I have played a lot of videogames. At first it was just for the entertainment but as I got older I ended up gravitating towards certain games such as Action/Adventure and RPG’s. So I want to start a project to share with the ATG readers about a particular set of games that have a story and musical selections that stands out above the rest. To start this project off is a DS title called The World Ends With You. The wonderful blend of story and music brings this game to the forefront of this operation. BEWARE BEYOND THIS POINT THERE ARE SPOILERS!!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The story of The World Ends With Us is extremely interesting. The main character, Neku, starts off dead with no memory of how he died. He is then told he has to participate in a game in the Underground for a chance to win his life back. The price of entry is something he values most which is his memories and he needs a partner to complete the game. This game lasts exactly one week. This got me to spend even more time playing this game because I wanted to know what event led to his death. After completing a week in the game, Neku gets his memory back but alas he still cannot remember what lead to his death. So as a result I am thrown back into the Game yet again and the price is my former partner. I was thrown for quite a loop and pretty excited that the game was not as short as I had thought. So while playing the Game for another week I gain a few memories explaining some of what led to Neku’s death. At the weeks end I find out that this whole week has been nullified because my current partner was not actually dead. I was pretty pissed and surprised that I would have to play another week. To top it off the price of playing the game this time was all the other players. I actually didn’t know how I was gonna make it through another week but turns out a former enemy became a partner to my relief. After teaming up with my partner we proceed to finish the third week of this game of Life and Death. The story ends on a great note of course but I just cannot bring myself to disclose it. Wikipedia has already done that. So moving on….

Topping off the story is the soundtrack which is beautifully blended in. The opening theme, It’s So Wonderful, had me bumping my head and waiting to start the game till I heard the whole song and it doesn’t stop there. Calling, which is my second personal favorite song, is a tune I came to enjoy hearing while playing. Throughout the rest of the game there was either Hip-hop, Rock, or Electronica music playing and they were all very good songs and made traveling a joy rather than a burden. Then I discovered they actually put a music store in the game where you can purchase the songs you like to play them on repeat whenever you want. I quickly purchased my favorite songs and went through the rest of the game playing my favorite songs and enjoyed the game even more.

Finally, while playing the game I noticed a few things. First,The attention to detail to the Shibuya District in which the game’s location is based on. It was pretty spot on but of course scaled down to fit a DS screen. Another interesting thing is the Pins and clothes. If the player equips the pins and clothes that are popular in certain districts it will boost their effects in battle but it also works in reverse as well. This gave me an added reason to buy clothes and pins which was a pretty big plus and made the battle a bit more interesting or challenging. Lastly, the character Neku himself. As the main character you see him transform from a silent protagonist who cares about nobody to a rather talkative person that learns to care about more than just himself. Actually, by the start of the second week you can already see the transformation because his price to play is his first partner which was someone he ended up caring for.

This game will always stand out to me because of its unique twist while playing and the soundtrack that followed. A little fun fact, this was not my original choice to start off this project. I was having a hard time writing the other one and this game kept popping in my head one night and would not let me sleep. So at 3am I started this piece of work. This is but the first of many articles coming your way. I have quite a few games saved up so be prepared fellow readers. I hope you enjoy them. As always all questions, comments and concerns are welcome on our various accounts on Itunes, Stitcher, and Facebook. or find us on twitter @atgpodcast.