Round 2: Lost Odyssey

Fellow readers I know there has not been much to read lately but I am here to remedy that problem with the second game from my project, LOST ODYSSEY. Lost Odyssey  has stood out to me because of the well thought out story, character development, the battle system, and the music.   For those that have not read my previous article I am writing about games that have stood out above the rest and left a mark on my brain.

The story behind this game is truly fantastic and the characters and cast behind them brought this all together wonderfully. I remember playing this game is college because there was a massive snow storm that cancelled classes for an entire week and this was the only game I played for hours and hours. The main protagonist Kaim is an immortal and does not talk much. As I pressed on I learned there were more immortals and they have been alive for 1000 years, yet they all seem to have forgotten their memories of all that time. Overtime as the story progressed and the party increased the story opened and so did the plot.  An interesting touch is that most of the memories are told like passages in a book. Though they may not be prevalent  to the story it does give insight on Kaim’s history and helped me relate to what he has experienced in his lifetime. As Kaim started regaining his memories he no longer was a silent Cloud-like protagonist. He remembered his wife, daughter and met his grandchildren. He became human as far as emotions go and was no longer cold-hearted. Everybody had an interesting background story some of which was actually surprising and all this helped me enjoy the game even further.

The battle system is what got me hooked and it never grew old to me. It is a turn based system that reminded me of The Legend of Dragoon when you attack you will get a ring based system. Time it perfectly and you get to deal the most damage, good for average damage, little damage, and you can miss altogether which deals base damage. Whats more is you can change your weapon mid battle along with your accessories to better suit your situation and as an added bonus the weapons actually change as well and depending on the accessory equipped either your weapon or character will don that ability or equipment. This added an extra dimension to the battle and I had no problems training if I needed to. As a rare treat I got to use up to 5 characters in battle. I was in such awe at this because most games have either 3 or 4. This was necessary because immortals do not learn new moves as they level they actually have to learn it from a human or equipment. There are a few more things that made this battle system unique as well but I gotta move on to the music.

For those that are avid readers of mine you know how much I love the music in videogames. This games  selection of music was produced by none other than Nobuo Uematsu. The music always seemed to fit the situation at hand.  The battle music is pleasant and melodic but not overbearing. Battle Theme give this a listen and tell me what you think.  To me this made level grinding more enjoyable as a result, well that and the awesome battle system. Battle Conditions is one of the boss songs that got me excited when fighting. This had me looking forward to every boss battle because the music had me entranced although not all are as upbeat because of the situation the party gets in. When you listen to Dark Saint you can tell the type of battle this is and the feel of whats happening. Nobuo really did a fantastic job catching the mood with this soundtrack. Then again what else would you expect from the legendary video game composure.

To bring this article to a close, Lost Odyssey is one of those games that I truly appreciate from the moment I played it to even now. I chose this as my 2nd article because of the overall quality of the game. For those that are unaware this game was in fact made by Square Enix which would explain why this game was really good. Actually this and The World Ends With You are both produced by Square Enix.