Robocop movie Review



Let me start this review off by saying, if you liked the original Robocop movie, than you need to stop reading this review right now. This is not the same movie that you saw over twenty-six years ago. There are a lot of differences from the original. If you do not fit into the before-mentioned group, then welcome to the Around the Geek official Robocop review

“Robocop begins with the loaded question of ‘Why is America so robophobic?’ This launches the prime directive of the movie; the battle of mechanized law enforcement.” This latest reboot is pretty much the same as the last, a powerful multinational conglomerate Omicorp, needs to bring robotic law enforcement to the United States, by transforming a critically injured police officer into a cyborg cop. The year is 2028. For a very long time now Omnicorp has been supplying drones overseas to use in combat, to limit the sacrifice of human lives. But, a lot of politics in the United States prevent the company from bringing this tech state side. Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnamon) is seriously wounded in the line of duty, Omnicorp CEO Raymond Sellers (Miacheal Keaton) takes this opportunity to turn a man into a machine, by recruiting scientist Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman). Of course things go wrong. Omnicorp does not get the results they hoped for, when Alex’s human side starts to take over the programming.  They are then forced to completely reprogram him. Now he is completely a robot, which follows orders. But, as he begins to rewrite his programming, Alex sets back to find the people who killed him and ensure that justice is served.

This movie demonstrates that reboots can be respectfully done right. The acting from Joel Kinnamon really sold me on the character’s human side. The action was very well done; even though I knew some of it was done in cg, I could hardly tell which parts were. If you were a fan of the original you will notice the changes right away from the first movie.

Something that really bothered me, the beginning of the movie took too long to get to the point. After the introduction of the main character I found myself looking at my phone to check the time, wondering when the action was going to start. One scene, when Robocop is on patrol he enters a warehouse where the guards decide to turn off the lights, on a cyborg that can see in the dark. The guards then start shooting him. This made no sense to me, until I realized that this was a pg-13 movie. The producers could not possibly go as hard as the original with the killing.

But, without saying here is my final verdict, the movie was very well done, from director José Padilha. I definitely saw the different road he wanted to take with the remake. The acting was good, but some of the scenes were boring and unnecessary. The action was very good, and represented robot on robot combat done right. But, at times in this movie I asked myself, “Is the United States in this movie that bad, that they mechanized soldiers to fight?” So, what do I say about a movie, where a man is turned into a robot, and a corporation paints him black, and tries to control him… hell yeah!

Around the Geek gives Robocop  a 3 out of 5.