Pokemon X and Y Super Training Explained

  • Recently I was lucky enough to be given a 3Ds and Pokemon X as a Valentine’s Day present. As a pokemon fanatic that has put hundreds of hours into Firered, Platinum, and Heartgold I was excited to dive into the newest pokemon craze, especially since battling other players was easier then ever.
    In this game a new feature of Super Training has been added. This feature replaced the old chore of EV training which was necessary to face any serious human players.
    From the most recent Around the Geek episode and conversations with friends it has come to my attention that the effects of super training is widely misunderstood. So, taking a break from  my usual corner on the table top gaming section of this site I will give a full explanation of Super Training.
    Super training doesn’t immediately change the creature’s stats. Instead; it changes the pool of “bonus” stats that your pokemon will build up as it levels, which is called its base stats.

    Base stats, alongside pokemon physical traits (so like pikachu are fast, geodudes have high defense ect.), and nature determines the overall stats of your pokemon.

    Normally after every battle a pokemon will accumulate points towards its base stats (each pokemon has a “hidden” base stat it adds to when you beat it). So for example in the past beating a Pidgey contributed to a pokemon’s speed base stat, where as a Geodude increased the defense base stat. A pokemon trained only thru battling will have its base stats raised roughly equal across the board because of the wide range of pokemon you will fight. This means many points are wasted. For instance, a Pikachu, which utilizes almost exclusively special attacks, does not need Attack power, but in normal training your attack power base stat will be risen at roughly the same rate as special (note your special attack will still be higher because pikachu has a higher special attack).

    Super training is a way to control which base stats get raised, instead of thru battling. This is important because you have a finite amount of base stats max (i think its like 255). Only 2 stats can be maxed out. The idea of super training is you purposefully set out to max out two stats of your choice, in order for your pokemon to be super strong in certain aspects. The stats you train will not immediately raise, instead as you level your base stats are distributed up thru lvl 100. By the end if you max out two stats, those stats will be much higher then everything else.When super training there is a bar on the right side of your DS’s bottom screen. When this bar is completely filled up your base stats have been maxed out.

    In order to properly super train a pokemon you have to max out the base stats before you go out and lvl or battle with it, otherwise fighting will raise stats out of your control. This also happens when using XP share.

    Super training creates pokemon vastly superior to normally trained pokemon. It is primarily used when training up a team to fight human players. For example I super trained a Scyther to have maxed out Speed and attack. This build is known as a phsycial attacker, it moves faster then lots of pokemon, and thus will hit first, which it will need to since its HP stat will be lower then if base stats had increased across the board.


    This picture shows a properly super trained Greninja, notice how only two stats have the yellow bar, because the player maxed them out. Nothing else has its base stat increased. At times people may train 3 stats up, but usually its just two.


    Compare the first pic’s stats to this second one. Notice how the yellow has increased roughly all around. This, though not mattering against the computer, will create a weaker pokemon when facing a human who has properly super trained their team.

    Super Training, luckily for new pokemon players, supplies elite pokemon much easier then the old technique of ev training. Pokemon X and Y are the perfect opportunity for all pokemon trainers to begin training an elite fighting force.