Wolf Among Us Ep. 1 Faith review


After playing the first episode of the the “Wolf Among Us”, you immediately feel like the Big Bad Wolf. Every time you are presented with a list of options you automatically want to pick the A hole options. Without a character like Clementine as a bystander you don’t feel as obliged to be nice. Wolf Among Us is also a creation Tell Tale games which influenced me to give this game a try and I am not disappointed. Without giving too much away i can tell you that if you don’t have this game please go buy it right now. It’s now available onĀ  PSN and iOS devices for 4.99 per eps or 19.99 for the entire season pass of 5 episodes.

Ep. 2 Day Of The Geek


In Episode 2 of Around The Geek the guys talk more on next gen systems, introduce Terrell’s comic corner, and have a discussion about movies that are based on video games and books. At the very end of the episode after the song the guys talk about the latest episode of Doctor Who named “The Day of the Doctor”


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Ep. 1 PlayStation Madness



This weeks episode includes talk about the Sony Playstation 4 and some of the launch titles, the upcoming XBOX ONE, and Warren and Terrell gives their top 10 favorite video games of last gen. consoles.


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Around the Geek Pilot Episode

Warren and Terrell get into the groove of recording a podcast and talk about topics including, PS4, Thor 2, Doctor Who, and what the future of the podcast may hold.


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