Ep 120 The One That Got Away

Join us for a brand new episode with the whole gang again as we talk about our weekly adventures and talk about how to make Terrell angry by delaying games that he is very passionate about. This weeks main topics of discussion are the results of the game awards and this years boring Psx experience with trailers.

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Ep 116 Library 101: Finding the right book for young Wizards

Join us for a brand new episode as we have guest Jake talk about the comic con event happening at the Aberdeen library and we get into the topic of finding the right books and what influences your choice to read them.

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Otakon 2017 AMV Contest Winners & Runner Ups

1. King Redeem- Dragon Maids- dragon tales (tv opening) by PBS

2. Kireblue & Serenity AMV- Nerve Gear Online- Nerve (Sword Art Online)

1. vivifx- Frigid Fury- Bet on it by Zach Efron – yuri on ice
*Not Posted*

2 .Emberfoz- I’ll Be Good by James Young- Koe No Katachi (A silent voice)

1. Amethystrarity- Karasu ni Houou- The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy- Haikyuu!!

2. Allegoriest- Run Mob Run- Run Boy Run by Woodkid- Mob Psycho

1. PIxel Blended Studios(Xophilarus)- Empty Spaces- World of One by Hana Pestle- Koe no Katachi ( A Silent Voice)

2.dreaconclusion-D’awww Wagon- You’re My Best Friend by Queen- Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid

1.Tigrin- A Sporting Chance- Could Have Been Me by The Struts-various

2.Pantsu of doom- our time- shooting star by owl city- various
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ficdfzKHHU (Couldn’t Embed)

1.Studio Hawk- WWJD?-wwjd? By the Axis of Awesome-various

2.Antaresheart07-Anime MasterChef- Napal Baji by Psy- various

Best in Show
Drabaz- Dance! Dance!- Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake- Dragonball

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