Ep 133 Lucky number 17

Join us this week as we bring you another exciting episode as we talk about the final episode of Dragonball super this (season).


  • NI no kuni 2
  • Classic Doctor who
  • Family matters
  • Atlanta
  • GIngaman
  • Dbz fighters


  • Tomb Raider (Movie & Video Game)
  • FFXV
  • A Way Out
  • Black Lightning
  • Alex, Inc


VIdeo games



Dbz 131 finale


Ep 127 Time Lords or Time Masters ?

 Join us for another new episode as we bring you some good news during a slow news week and bring you the topic of Doctor who. In this episode we discuss the overall last season and where we see this show going forward.                                         Continue reading Ep 127 Time Lords or Time Masters ?


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