Need for speed review

Need for Speed is exactly what it sounds like, a movie based off of the video game. It does exactly what it was supposed to do, show a movie about driving, while also moving away from the whole Fast and Furious premise that we have seen over 6 times already.
Anyone watching this movie will immediately recognize Arron Paul (Breaking Bad) and be thrilled to see what he is capable of in the film. The story revolves around Tobey Marshall and his team that build and race muscle cars in a failing car shop. During last chance effort to save the shop from going out of business Tobey accepts the help of ex Nascar driver Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). Together they rebuild a mustang and sell in order to save the shop. After selling the car Dino challenges Arron to a UN sanctioned race, in which he cheats, and hits Tobey’s best friend’s car and killing him in the process. Tobey is framed for the manslaughter of his best friend, and sent to jail for two years where he plots his revenge against Dino.

This was very well done. In less than fifteen minutes everything that you need to know for the film has been set up. A lot of movies which are about racing never focus on the actual racing and that is one thing that I like about this movie, not only does it show you cars, but it shows you what these cars can do. They are not just merely set pieces. The acting in this movie could have been better, but it was not so bad that I wanted to get up and leave once the actors began talking. I really thought premise of traveling across the entire country in order to prove Arron’s innocence was a stretch, yet it fits perfectly to what this movie is trying to do; entertain and show you a good time.

Anyone waiting for Arron to say the word bitch about fifteen times, falling back into portraying his Breaking Bad character Jessie, will be disappointed he plays a completely different character. In this movie I actually empathized with him and wanted to see him come out the winner.

I really liked the way director Scott Waugh focused on the races and the crashes. The use of overhead view cameras really illustrated the damage these cars are going thru and gave the movie a more realistic feel, even though it was obviously fictional. If you read any of my reviews, you know that I complain that many romances in movies do not feel natural, and they are forced for the sake of the plot, but in this movie Arron and Julia go across state to state together giving a good reason to share an eventual kiss.

Some of the movie could have been trimmed, and some of the scenes were just unnecessary. There was one scene in the movie, and this is not a spoiler, where Finn, another one of the mechanics, helps Arron take his clothes off and leave his job. Now please, I understand the film wanted to give a laugh, but what did this have to do with a racing movie

But they do the job right. I felt like I was watching the game itself; from the street races, to the police car chases, Need for Speed felt like the video game. I would argue it was the first video game movie Hollywood has gotten right in a long time. This movie had me pumped and on the edge of my seat the entire time. Though some scenes were unnecessary others were just right and got the job done. Now I have the need for speed as well, and Around the Geek gives need for speed a

3 out of 5