Justice League war review


If you are a fan of the DC animated movie franchise, which produced films such as, Batman Under the Red Hood, Superman vs the Elite, and Justice League Flashpoint, then you have turned to the right movie review. DC Comics does not disappoint, with yet another strong title in their animated movie department. Justice League War is the animated retelling of the six issue run of the new 52 justice League Comic. The comic, which came out in 2011, reintroduces original members such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Shazam, in a new modern day setting, complete with new costumes.

If you know comics, then you are familiar with the plot, the world is being taken over by an alien invasion and the world’s best heroes must come together to stop it. Well guess what, this is that same story, but better. This time there is a fresh take on characters meeting for the first time and in how they interact with another as a team.

This movie is a pure action flick, with little time to introduce characters. It is assumed viewers are already familiar with the cast; however, the movie does take some time explaining how they came to be.

The director of this movie is Jay Olive. He also directed Justice League a Flashpoint Paradox, Dark Knight 1 and 2, and Under the Red Hood. Once more Mr. Olive does an excellent job bringing these characters to life on the animated screen.

I love how DC is taking all their current stories and transforming them into animated masterpieces. I have not seen this quality of work since Batman Mask of the Phantasm came out in theaters. It has me wondering why the DC animation department does not show movies like this on a larger theater scale. The new 52 in my opinion is doing an excellent of modernizing the characters and reinventing them for today’s audience.   

Here is the best part of any review, what was good and what was not. I thought that the animation was superb. Watching this movie on blu-ray had to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The voice acting was very good, but this is the norm for DC, which usually gets no one but the best when they record. However, a lot of people who are used to Kevin Conroy’s voice, who usually plays Batman, will not be disappointed with Jason O’Mara. He is the voice of Batman in this movie, and the movie The Flashpoint Paradox. The fight scenes were solid. They were not drawn out, or boring, and the movie was just good from start to finish.

Now here is the bad. I do not know why they insist on making the strongest female character in the DC universe a dumb bimbo character. Every time that she made an appearance, it felt like she was just there as eye candy. They even went as far as to have pointless banter between Wonder Woman and Superman, to progress an unnatural relation between two characters that just met. The only other issue I have with the movie is that Darkside did not really do anything and I felt like they could have given him more screen time.

Justice league war does an excellent job of interpreting the new 52 comics reboot and demonstrates that animation is not dead. Around the Geek gives this movie a 4 out 5