Gaming Resolution: Update 3

Hello ATG fans, Jake here, with my third Gaming Resolution update. This update is about a week late, which means it will be a jam packed article!

First up, a discussion on the progress of my video gaming. As some of you may remember, I was playing my way through Might and Magic 3. While I enjoyed the beginning of the game, around level 13 I hit an awkward point where even with internet walkthroughs I could not figure out where to go next. The game is completely open world; however, the dungeons do not change with your level, meaning certain dungeons are impossible to beat until certain levels. I actually like this aspect of the game, but the game was designed insanely difficult, with dungeon monsters being ridiculously easy, then through the next door a monster would one hit knock out a party member. This design has made it impossible to really predict when I have found appropriate places to advance in the game.

After dying like 22 times, in the space of an hour, I grew increasingly frustrated. Maybe, if I had the time to jot down notes, and fight through part of a dungeon, and come back later once I was higher level, I would do fine; however, I do not have the patience for this. After about 15 hours, I have decided to stop playing Might and Magic 3, and cross it off my list. I gave it an honest try, and for those RPG junkies out there looking for an extreme challenge consider trying it, but I am done!

15 Games to Beat

1. Fatal Frame II
2. Might and Magic III
3. Might and Magic IV
4. Might and Magic V
5. Might and Magic VI
6. Kingdom Hearts I
7. Fire Emblem: Awakening
8. Final Fantasy 13: 2
9. Rome Total War II
10. Pokemon Conquest
11. The Evil Within
12. Panzer Corps
13. Sins of a Solar Empire
14. Any Heroes of Might and Magic Game (most likely 3)
15. Bayonetta

After putting time into an RPG, I wanted the tactical challenge large scale strategy games give. Following some indecision, and brief starts and stops, I have concluded Heroes of Might and Magic 3 will be my next game to beat. Luckily for me, this game was just released on steam, meaning I can play it against human players online (a function unavailable with the original). I also reasoned, that though I vowed not to buy another video game until completing my list, this didn’t count, as the game was on my list :)!

I really love the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise, and think the third one is the best in the series. In the game you play with various heroes and monsters, hired in towns which you can improve, and then attempt to take over the map. As you fight, your hero gains experience and levels up, gaining attributes which improves the forces under their control, and allows selection of skills providing various benefits.

After losing rapidly to my brother in a multiplayer game, I have started a second game with the same brother, and we are currently several hours into it. My main problem before was that my brother super charged his economy, while I did a balanced mixed build, which allowed him to stock pile resources and out produce me. In our current game, I have not made the same mistake, and am playing as the Dungeon faction. This is one of my favorite factions as it boast some powerful offensive magic, and the raw power of minotaur, manticores, and the amazing black dragons.

I am also playing through the game’s campaigns, which is interesting because several heroes continue onto additional missions, allowing you to get a few to really high levels. Currently I am on mission three of the Erathian campaign, which uses the defensively powerful Castle faction, which I have always found a little bland. The faction is made up mostly of humans, knights, ect., but I have been having fun using an extremely fast and aggressive army compsed of mounted paladins, royal griffons, and arch angels. More on this game in following updates.

Onto the hobby update!

I have been extremely productive, assembling models like crazy, with only 10 more miniatures left to build. Unpictured I assembled a Terroghiest of my own (the large model I painted for my friend in update number 1).

I have assembled my Vampire lord on Zombie Dragon, which I have modified to be perched on top of a crypt. The crypt is magnetized to its base, so when it comes time to paint, I can lift it up and paint the inside.

Zombie Dragon

Vamp Lord

I also have assembled 8 varghiests, which are mutated vampire creatures.


I also assembled 10 hexwraiths, with a few modified so they would appear to be running through a wall, as they are ghosts.


Hex wraiths 2

My awesome girlfriend got me some character models for Valentine’s Day, one of which I will be using for my Master Necromancer. I have begun to paint him, and actually hope to have him finished by Sunday night.

Master Necro

Finally, I have assembled 10 Chaos Warhounds, which I have slightly modified to use as my Dire Wolves (I can’t stand the GW Dire Wolf miniatures).

dire wolves

These models, since having their pictures taken, have had gaps filled in, and have been partially based, so I am making good progress for my goal of them being finished by April 23rd. The main thing holding me back now is my colored spray paint has been taking forever to get into the store I ordered it at, taking over 2 and 1/2 weeks now! Tomorrow I am going to be playing a game at a different store, and may buy some spray paint there, just so I can get started on the rest of the project.

For the next update I hope to have several painted models and units to show off.

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    1. Best of luck! I love the art style, the turn based movement and combat, but it was just too difficult :).

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