Ep 53 So You Want to Play With Bayonetta

This week in Around the Geek the guys talk about  Ubisoft releasing a 6 GB patch for Assassins Creed, aMiibos sold out again, Square Enix wants to bring back other titles to Ps4, DMC and Devil May Cry 4 comes to PS4, Netflix offline is never going to happen and more. All new comic corner this week as we discuss the mid season finales of Arrow and Flash and talk about other comic news. This weeks special Otaku Spot we talk about the animated movie of Bayonetta Bloody Fate.


One thought on “Ep 53 So You Want to Play With Bayonetta”

  1. Just listened to your podcast as usual. One of my regulars. I heard the code about the free game from Steam. Randomly updated mine, put in the code, and we’ll I’ll be damn, it worked. Thanks for the game and for the awesome podcast

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