Ep 50 Battōsai the Man Slayer

On our special 50th episode of Around the Geek we have special guest Anthony from the Grandshuckett podcast and also the return of your favorite host Eric. We ramble on about Xbox One sales tripling, Majora’s Mask coming to the 3DS,  Shadows of Mordor looks like crap on the PS3 and Xbox 360, people scamming Walmart and more. Terrell brings us another new comic corner along with question of the week responses. During this weeks Otaku spot we discuss Samurai X: Trust/ Betrayal.



Around the Geek Episode 50!!! 🙂


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  • Assassins creed black flag
  • walking dead ps4
  • call of duty advance
  • Chrono trigger
  • Case closed
  • Dragon age inquisition
  • Lego Batman 3



  • Assassin’s creed Unity
  • Assassin’s creed Rouge
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Freedom Wars
  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
  • Big Hero 6
  • The Flash
  • Arrow
  • Doctor Who finale



  • Assassins Creed Unity
  • Freedom Wars
  • Tales of Hearts R
  • Walking Dead
  • Agents of Shield
  • Need for Speed
  • VGHS Season 3



  • The Good Wife
  • The Flash
  • Gotham
  • Trailer Park Boys
  • Shadow of Mordor
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection
  • Yowamushi Pedal Road
  • Akame ga Kill
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged





Comic Corner:



Weekly Quesiton Response:

@Curbles – My fave Assassin’s Creed is AC4 Black Flag.The only other one I played is AC2 (also very good but lacks pirates)
@AtgPodcast #WeeklyQuestion

Otaku Spot – Samurai X : Trust and Betrayal Director’s Cut

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