Ep 44 soul geeks

This weeks episode of around the geek the guys talk about Playstation home shutting down, October Xbone changes, new 5 min video showing off new assassins creed footage, Legend of korra book 4 trailer and more. The comic corner is all new  and we talk about marvel keeping its rights  to its biggest characters and a whole lot more. Otaku spot discussion for this week is soul eater.



5 stars – The Grand Shuckett

  • I love the Around the Geek Podcast! They cover a lot of the stuff I’m interested in and it’s always good to get another perspective on topics and news articles. I even started watching an anime “Knights of Sidonia” on netflix based on their recommendation. If you like the Aroudn the Geek Podcast as much as I do you should check out my podcast – The Grand Shuckett Podcast! We’re on iTunes, stitcher, and Podomatic. You can find us at TheGrandShucket.com come say Hi!





  • Final fantasy theatre rhythm
  • Final fantasy a realm reborn
  • Dangonronpa
  • Hyrule warriors
  • walking dead season 4 on netflix
  • Family guy/ Simpsons Crossover event
  • Gotham


  • Tales of Xillia 2
  • FF Curtain Call
  • Fate Zero
  • Persona 4, SAOII



  • Destiny
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Danganronpa 2
  • FF XIV
  • How I Met your mother
  • Doctor Who





Comic corner




  • What game do you wish you had either more time to play or to go back and play?


  • What if Stan Lee is actually The Watcher?


  • What comics are you looking forward to reading in the upcoming months.


Otaku spot

  • soul eater