Ep 34 Another Podcast

This week on around the geek the guys talk about the new Tekken 7 being revealed, new footage of Raiden and his move set are shown, new Smash Brothers characters are revealed, Neversoft is shut down, full trailer for Doctor Who revealed, NBC moving Community to Yahoo and more. New Comic Corner this week with fresh discussions on current comics. This weeks main topic is favorite video game characters.



Around the geek dockett


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  • one piece unlimited world red
  • puppeteer
  • one piece
  • Sword art online
  • jojos bizarre adventure
  • evo 2014
  • Wolf among us
  • Magic the gathering 2015


  • Tales of Xillia
  • One Piece
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Sword Art Online
  • Jojo
  • Real Steel
  • DC deck building Game


  • Pokemon Y
  • Fire Emblem
  • The Last of Us
  • Pokemon Pinball
  • Howls Moving Castle
  • Warhammer


  • one piece unlimited world red
  • sword art online season 2
  • sailor moon episode 1
  • UFC
  • Resogun
  • Fortune and Glory!!!!!




Comic corner





Jason – Do you plan on getting VisionEck?

Challenger Bryant – How you feel about Tekken 7 & Mortal Kombat X … should gaming companies focus more on remaking classics?

Logan- What is a good J-RPG for a first timer to try?


Main Topic

-favorite video game characters