Ep. 25 The Dark Side, I Was Born In It

This week the guys talk about the Star Wars Rebels trailer, Star Wars episode 7 cast announced, Beverly Hills Cop , Terminator reboot, Mario Kart 8 bundle announced, Disney Infinity is bringing in Marvel. This weeks comic corner we discuss free comic book day.  The topic for this week we discuss Amazing Spider Man 2 with spoilers at the end.



  • None





  • son of batman
  • amazing spider man 2 game
  • south park stick of truth
  • Legendary deck building game


  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
  • The Boondocks
  • Agents of Shield
  • Regular Show & Adventure Time
  • Game of Thrones



  • Amazing spider man 2
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle
  • Legendary
  • Street Fighter Deck Building game



  • Star Wars rebels trailer debuts
  • Star wars episode vii annouced  http://www.newsarama.com/20988-star-wars-episode-vii-cast-announced.html
  • Beverly hills cop is back for a 2016 release
  • Ultra street fighter 4 is going to have offline you tube sharing
  • Terminator reboot starring Arnold and Matt Smith
  • Call of duty advanced warfare was announced.
  • Borderlands 2 for Vita to support only 2 player co-op
  • Watch Dogs to release clothing line
  • Watch Dogs on Wii U getting more attention now that others are done.
  • Disney infinity is bringing in marvel super heroes for 2.0
  • Marvel is bringing all of its animated series to netflix
  • Mario kart 8  bundle was announced $330


Comic Corner

  • Free Comic Book Day
  • All of the free comic book day comics Megamanx, Hello kitty, Mighty morphin power rangers, Guardians of the galaxy, The Tick, Avatar, All you need is kill, Transformers vs GI Joe, Rocket Raccoon, Futures end.



  • Delease W.
    • Now that the movies out. What are your thoughts about Peter Parker’s return to the comic book page? Are you happy? Waiting for a Doc Spidey spinoff?
  • Antione Robinson
    • What devil fruit type do you think is the strongest?
    • What video game have you played that you feel you are the uchiha madara of the game?
  • Jake Mayes
    • What game would you like to be made into an Anime? (Golden Sun was his game)
  • @CronkAndrew Twitter
    • Who is the best speedster in the comic universe?
    • With the short time so far best movie of the year?


Main Topic: Amazing Spider Man 2 with spoilers