Ep 24 See you Space Cowboy…

This week the guys talk about the Netflix roulette feature, Amazon using Blu ray disc to archive data, how to stop Skynet from happening, Cortana can not be used by anyone under 13, PS4 update and more. Comic corner is back this week and this weeks Otaku spot topic is the classic Cowboy Bebop.


  Around the geek ep 24 Dockett



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  • .JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

  • Final Fantasy XIV

  • No more Blitzball

  • Captain America IMAX

  • Young Justice

  • Batman Arkham Cold, Cold heart

  • Hitman Go


  • Awesome con

  • Batman a cold cold heart

  • Arrow

  • Game of thrones



Comic Corner

  • Fox is considering a x-men tv show

  • Spectacular spider man is now available on blu ray

  • marvel announces the death of wolverine

  • batman assault on arkham trailer.

  • beware the batman returning back to cartoon network with a catch

  • Batman beyond short

  • marvel introduces silk  the second victim of a spider bite.

  • Warren- Minimum Carnage

  • Free comic book day saturday




  • @crimson_samurai – What anime do you think should be made in to a video game?

  • @CronkAndrew – Hey guys if you could see any of your favorite characters square off who would it be and who’d win and why?


  • Challenger Bryant

    • Can the wii U take advantage of the delay of some games for the ps4 & XBOX One especially with super smash brothers brawl & their roster?

    • Will capcom remake some good classic fighting games?

    • How do you feel about the new soul caliber game

    • How do you feel about the new Godzilla movie especially for fans like me who have watched the classics all of them from black and white to the final one when he dies for good?

  • Jake Hutton

    • Is it possible to play in a D&D party that does not have a healer?


Otaku Spot: Cowboy Bebop