Do You Digital Game?



As I turned on my PS4 and went through my digital games I realized something, the convenience of these digital games is awesome but, at the same time I realized how lazy it has made me. Just by hitting a simple button on my controller I am able to change games on the fly. Switching from Dying Light to DOA in a mere 5 seconds without ever leaving my couch. Its a beautiful thing

Digital gaming has so many benefits now. We don’t have to wait in line for games or midnight releases. Which I have done once and its not all its cranked up to be in my opinion. I can buy games online and don’t have to worry about taxes, which saves me a few bucks in the long run. Also when you purchase a digital game you can have it download when your away so when you get home you can immediately play it.  On the other hand digital gaming has its issues too. It greatly increases the struggles of sharing games. It use to be as simple as handing the game to a friend now if you want to share you have to either carry the whole system or just have friends come over. Playstation does have game share but that’s only for an hour at a time. There are not that many cons to digital gaming in my opinion but then again that all comes down to personal opinion. This leads me to physical copies.

Having physical copies of videogames now is more out of simple tradition than anything. Needing to get up off the couch to switch the games, sharing games (and we have all had the one friend that never returns a game), and even seeing a big collection of games. I’m slowly building a collection now but it’s still awesome to see and even on occasion borrow said games.  A fond and rather annoying memory was waiting for a game to load on the PlayStation because the disk is badly scratched or blowing in a Sega Genesis cartridge because it was dusty.  Yea it feels like a long time ago but the struggle of the loading screen will never fade…….just thinking about it makes me a tad aggravated. Nobody likes this screen. NOBODY.


How many people remember all the tips and tricks to try and get the games to work and what were they? Anything out of the ordinary that you heard or tried and worked? Do you think Digital games will eventually beat out Hard copies? If so how long? Or just comment on the article and tell me what you think?