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Ep 109: Through the Nostalgia Filter

This time on Around The Geek. While Warren is away the Geeks come out to play. Eric and Terrell talk about Persona 5, Dragonball Super, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as well as a For Honor update involving the Shinobi and Centurion class. For this episodes main topic we discuss How time has changed the way we look at movies, tv shows, videogames, etc.


EP 107 The Geeks Enter the Metaverse…..We never saw it coming.

At long last Persona 5 has dropped and the Geeks couldn’t be happier. Warren, Eric, and Terrell are more than happy to talk about it along with Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia. Rick and Morty returning for April Fools Day was great but the Last Surprise was that the rest of the season isn’t airing to summer. The question of the week from us is,” Does the ending of a game/TV show/movie ruin the overall experience?” We would like to hear your opinion on the matter. Till next time fellow listeners.


Ep 105 The Geek Strikes Back

This week on Around the Geek, Warren, Terrell, and Eric talk about Iron Fist, OJ Made in America, and For Honor. This weeks question of the day comes from Warren which is,” If someone you admired did something that goes against your morale code or standards, would you still support them? We would also like to hear from you as well regarding the question or if you have a question for us let us know. We would love to talk about it. Also Terrell is a big stinky doodoo head.


Ep 101 (4 Credit Hrs)

As Jeff Winger once famously said, “This is the blow-off class of the semester.” All you have to do is listen as Warren, Terrell, and Eric ring in the new year with a new style. They have done away with the news section replaced it with 3 questions to discuss. What is the state of Final Fantasy going forward?, What is a casual gamer?, and When has a sequel gone too far?. All you have to do is listen and you get full credit for the course.


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This week on Around The Geek, Terrell, Eric, and Delease go into humorous conversations about The Suicide Squad leaks, Mario Kart Fury Road, and Rick and Morty killing The Simpsons along with other things of course. There is no Comic Corner this week but next week IT SHALL RISE FROM THE ASHES ANEW LIKE A PHOENIX (its hiding from all the Clones). As for the topic of the day, We go over The Avengers: Age of Ultron and we have a secret bonus topic for the listeners as well. STAY TUNED.


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This week on Around The Geek Terrell and Eric (currently haunted by the ghost voice of Warren) bring Delease back and we have Darryl K as a special guest. We all discuss MKX allowing you to try out DLC characters,  Fire Emblem Black and White, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. This weeks Comic Corner is LEGEND (wait for it) DARY.  There is no Main Topic this week.


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Do You Digital Game?



As I turned on my PS4 and went through my digital games I realized something, the convenience of these digital games is awesome but, at the same time I realized how lazy it has made me. Just by hitting a simple button on my controller I am able to change games on the fly. Switching from Dying Light to DOA in a mere 5 seconds without ever leaving my couch. Its a beautiful thing

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