Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Amazing Spider-Man 2 picks back up right after the events of the first film and this time Peter Parker has embraced the role of being Spider-Man after accepting his responsibility and the power he holds to make a difference.

This time around Peter is graduating from high school and still struggles to maintain his relationship with Gwen, something I think that a lot of fans of Spider-Man can relate to with balancing his role as Spider-Man. If you seen the events of the first movie you know that Peter made a promise to her dad that he would stay away from her so that she would not be in danger. As Peter breaks this promise he continues to see images of her dad pop up at various times. The introduction of Electro(Jamie Foxx) was done very well they did not spend a bunch of time trying to build a villain over the course of the movie but instead wrapped it up in minutes, to continue with the rest of the film.

Harry Osborn is introduced a little bit differently this time as we have seen in the previous films this time his dad is dying and we find out that he is also dying from the same disease that his dad has and he must find a way to stop this from happening. For some reason he feels that Spider-man’s blood will help him cure his disease and asks his friend peter that he hasn’t seen in ten years to help him locate spider man so that he can save his life. This friendship felt a little forced into the movie but was not a problem to deter me from watching the movie.

The action in this movie is by far some of the best action scenes that I have seen in a spider-man film to date and I think that it will take a lot to change my mind about that. The Music was very well selected for this sequel as every scene has a tone that the music fits perfectly too but seeing as how the soundtrack for the movie was produced by Hans Zimmer and pharrrell I don’t think that any of us are surprised. The romance between peter Parker (Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (stone) was one of the best points of this movie. The relationship felt very natural and not forced since they had already set this up with the previous film. The chemistry between them almost felt like you have personally known these characters your entire life. Sally field who plays aunt may does a very great job portraying the character and showing the struggle of a windowed wife trying to make ends meet and give her nephew everything that he needs. The scenes where they are together are some of the best in the movie and really ground this to real life even though you’re watching a superhero movie.

This movie really gives the character the shine that he really deserves by getting so many points right. The suit is the best suit they have designed by far and nobody will argue this point. The jokes and quips that spider man makes me feel like I’m reading one of the issues of the comic. The Rhino is in this movie for a long as a second so there is really nothing to talk about there.
I don’t say this for a lot of movies but this one is worth the extra dollars for the IMAX experience and surely is the best way to say this amazing movie no pun intended. Seeing spider-man web swing from one building to another really made me feel like a little kid in the theater and I wanted more when the movie was over.
Overall the amazing spider-man 2 gets everything that you want right from web shooters to the simple everyday problems of peter Parker. As with any movie it’s not going to be perfect and with a 2 hour run time you just wish that they could do just a little more before the film ends. I can’t wait for the next amazing spider-man to come out and I’m excited for the sinister six spinoff that is being created from this movie. Around the geek gives amazing spider-man 2  a  4 out of 5.