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Ep. 102 Wonderful 102

On this episode the guys tackle the aftermath of the Nintendo Switch conference and the pricing of  PlayStation Now.

Ep 82 The Best of 2015

Join the gang as we all come back together to talk about what our favorite things were in 2015!!

Ep 76 Nothing Like Whiskey and a Podcast

On this weeks episode the guys grab a couple drinks and talk about Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, GH Live, 1st party titles for vita, Jessica Jones and more! Grab a drink and have a listen.

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Interview with Robbie Daymond

At Katsucon 2015 we managed to get an interview with the voice of Tuxedo Mask(Sailor Moon), Kurasame Susaya (Final Fantasy Type 0), and more, Robbie Daymond. Had a great time interviewing him and I hope you all enjoy!

Ep. 51 Whats better?

This week on around the geek the guys talk about misleading Sony ads, Ubisoft apologizes for assassins creed, rock star giving away custom Ps4’s and Xbox ones, all new Arkham knight trailer, Jurassic world trailer and more. All new comic corner this week as we discuss marvels secret wars battle world is revealed, trailer for flash vs arrow plus some more greatness that you have to listen too. This weeks main topic is which is better Ps4 or Xbox one one year later. listen as we discuss all the points and come to a decision. Continue reading Ep. 51 Whats better?

Ep 49 Expanding the marvel universe

This week on around the geek the guys talk about post Ps4 firmware issues, super smash issues causing bans, CBS green lights a limitless TV show and more. All new comic corner this week as we discuss marvel press conference news and some more exciting marvel reveals. There is no main topic this week but listen in to hear how you can win something awesome this week.

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Ep. 36 Kung Fu Treachery

This week on Around the Geek the guys talk about Destiny Ghost edition pre-orders being cancelled, Sony still feeling the pain of hacking from 2011, Firefly cast reunites, Legend of Korra going to digital and more. All new Comic Corner where we discuss some breaking news from SDCC. This weeks main topic we talk about kung fu and everything related to it from movies to TV.

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Watch Dogs Review

Watch Dogs from Ubisoft, after much delay, finally became available to gamers everywhere on May 27th 2014. Watch Dogs places the player in the shoes of Aiden Pierce in the technology ran city of Chicago. Aiden Pierce is a hacker graced with a high tech phone that allows him to hack into almost anything running on electricity throughout the city. With this much power given to the player, does it make for a good game?

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Ep. 23 What’s An RPG?

In this episode Warren is joined by Jake and Eric to talk about Minecraft physical release for PS3, Sony selling Square-Enix shares, Snoop Dogg in COD, Professor suspended for Game of Thrones shirt and more. There is no Comic Corner this week. This weeks main topic surrounds the Evolution of RPGs from pen and paper to virtual.