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Ep 111 E3 2017 Enter the hype dragon

Welcome to the 2017 E3 coverage from around the geek as we bring you our superb review on the 2017 E3 event. Listen as we go thru each conference from this year and give you our opinions on what is coming out in the near future. Don’t forget to follow uson youtube and subscribe to the podcast on itunes.

Ep 110 Road to E3 2017

Join us as we give you our predictions on this years E3 and give you some insight as to how these conferences will go. Let’s hope that Xbox has something worth talking about.

EP 106 Spider-Sense of Informatiom

Take 2. This week on Around The Geek, Terrell, Eric, and Warren talk about the Return of the Chappelle, 999, plus the weekly sounds of Samurai Jack. This topic of this is week is,” Does too much information lessen the excitement of Tv shows/Movies/etc? Specifically trailers and teasers. What do you think? We would very much enjoy discussing everyone’s opinions on the matter. Also if you have a topic idea you would like to hear us discuss let us know.

Ep 104 Somebody Get this Man a Gun

Join us as we give you a brand new episode that we should have given you weeks ago. This week we are talking about john wick 2 and how freaking awesome it is. Our question of the week is what games are you looking forward to in march ?


Join us for a brand new episode as we ask the question of is there still classic co opp. Sit back and listen as we talk about some games and pop culture.

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Ep 100 The Best of 2016 Special

Join us as we give you our annual spectacular best of special for 2016 and go over what are our top picks in the categories of video games, music, movies, TV and go over what we are looking forward to in 2017.

Ep 99 Nine NINE

Listen as we go over the latest game awards and the play station keynote.

Around the geek 99



  • Final fantasy 15
  • Gears of war 4
  • Blue dragon
  • Dragonball super
  • Arrow
  • Flash


Guardians of the galaxy trailer 2.

Playstation keynote announcements.

Video game award winners:

  • Game of the Year: Overwatch (Blizzard)
  • Best Game Direction: Blizzard (for Overwatch)
  • Best Narrative: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Naughty Dog/SIE)
  • Best Art Direction: Inside (Playdead)
  • Best Music/Sound Design: Doom (id Software/Bethesda)
  • Best Performance: Nolan North as Nathan Drake, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Games for Impact: That Dragon, Cancer (Numinous Games)
  • Best Independent Game: Inside (Playdead)
  • Best Mobile/Handheld Game: Pokemon Go (Niantic)
  • Best VR Game: Rez Infinite (Enhance Games)
  • Best Action Game: Doom (id Software/Bethesda)
  • Best Action/Adventure Game: Dishonored 2 (Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks)
  • Best RPG: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Blood and Wine (CD Projekt RED)
  • Best Fighting Game: Street Fighter V (Capcom)
  • Best Strategy Game: Civilization VI (Firaxis Games/2K)
  • Best Family Game: Pokemon Go (Niantic)
  • Best Sports/Racing Game: Forza Horizon 3 (Playground Games/Microsoft Studios)
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Overwatch (Blizzard)
  • Most Anticipated Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)
  • Best eSports Game: Overwatch (Blizzard)
  • Best eSports Team: Cloud9
  • Best eSports Player: Marcelo “coldzera” David
  • Trending Gamer: Boogie2988

EP 98 Negan the real batman

Join us for a brand new episode as we discuss the latest news and Discuss the walking dead season premier of season 7. This episode you may just hear somebody crying on air. Apologies for the sound for the first few mins.

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Ep 97 Kingdom heartless


Join us as we return on a slow news week and talk about the things that we have missed.

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Sonny Striat otakon 2016 interview

Sonny strait

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